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Apple Mountain Demonstration Site Entrance4H Field TripApple Mountain Demonstration SiteLog LandingTunnel Ridge Aug 04'
Tunnel Ridge Sep 04'Tunnel Ridge Sep 04'Tunnel Ridge May 08'Tunnel Ridge May 08'Halltown Ridge Aug 04'
Halltown Ridge Sep 06'Halltown Ridge Jan 08'Halltown Ridge June 08'Working on the RoadsBarney McKinney Ridge May 08'
Apple Mountain Demonstration Site May 08'Rhododendron Management Before Harvest (After Cutting)Rhododendron Management (Re-growth) and TSISophia with Cherry at 4,200' ElevationMikaela with Poplar at 3,800' Elevation
Bear on Apple Mountain Sep 08'
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Apple Mountain Demonstration Site Entrance
4H Field Trip
Apple Mountain Demonstration Site
Log Landing
Tunnel Ridge Aug 04'
Tunnel Ridge Sep 04'
Tunnel Ridge Sep 04'
Tunnel Ridge May 08'
Tunnel Ridge May 08'
Halltown Ridge Aug 04'
Halltown Ridge Sep 06'
Halltown Ridge Jan 08'
Halltown Ridge June 08'
Working on the Roads
Barney McKinney Ridge May 08'
Apple Mountain Demonstration Site May 08'
Rhododendron Management Before Harvest (After Cutting)
Rhododendron Management (Re-growth) and TSI
Sophia with Cherry at 4,200' Elevation
Mikaela with Poplar at 3,800' Elevation
Bear on Apple Mountain Sep 08'
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As a landowner, you understand the costs of landownership as well as the many potential alternate uses of your property.  The ability to generate income from the property to offset the costs of ownership is often a goal for many landowners.  Our company believes that timber production is an excellent opportunity to generate such income.  Most landowners have multiple objectives for their land which may include hunting, wildlife enhancement, hiking, and many other goals.  With a good forest management plan, timber production and revenues can coincide with these objectives.

As a producer of wood products, we have a deep desire to see the forests in this region be both sustainable as well as productive.  We encourage reforestation on harvested tracts, and will even provide assistance to landowners in order to accomplish this goal.   In addition, we will be glad to assist you in planning for the next generation of your forest.

Active forest management can also lower your potential property tax liability by taking advantage of “Present-Use Valuation” reflecting the timber growing potential of your property instead of the future development potential. We are able to produce a Forest Stewardship Management Plan including full GIS mapping capabilities.

We have a demonstration site where we can illustrate the impacts of good forest and wildlife management. The site has been utilized for landowner education, 4H, university and high school class field trips, National Forest Collaboration Meetings, Boy Scout merit badges, and even Continuing Education for Foresters in cooperation with North Carolina State University and University of Tennessee.

Maps of the site can be seen by clicking here and here.

If you are interested in discussing your land management options, please contact our forester.